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What’s stopping you?

What stops you achieving your goals? What are the reasons you don't finish? What's stopping you?

Happy New Year

It’s the 1st day of the 1st month of 2018 and it’s also a Monday.  If ever there was a time to start afresh, then you really need to look no further.

As the year begins, we think about new resolutions or goals.  We often say something like “this is it, this is my year” and we believe it – for about a week!

If we look back at last year, you probably had resolutions or goals.  Lose weight.  Get fit.  Stop Smoking.  Be more productive.

So what happened?

What’s stopping you?

If we are honest with ourselves, we usually know how to achieve these goals.  We will know how to eat healthily to lose weight; we will know some exercises we can do to get fit; we will know the various ways to stop smoking and we will know that perhaps spending less time on Facebook will help with our productivity.

So what happened?

What’s stopping you?

As you write down those resolutions and those goals, be honest with yourself.  Are they the same as last year?  If so, why did they not happen?

Write down the reasons why you did not reach that goal or keep that resolution.

Then think carefully about how you can address those reasons if/when they come up this year.

So if losing weight is your goal and it was the same last year (and the year before), what has stopped you achieving it?

Was it an off plan meal that then became an off plan day, that then became an off plan week and then a “oh let’s forget about it”?

Was it that you felt like you were giving up too many things you enjoyed?  So it felt like a punishment?

Was it that you rewarded yourself with food as a way of saying well done for getting through a shit day?

How can you change the way you react when these things happen again.

Could you agree now that an “off plan” meal will just be a one off bad meal, not a cue to go off the rails totally for the next week or two?

Could you agree now that when you think about the sacrifice you are making and are ready to tuck into that chunk of chocolate/cheese, you say “do I want this more than I want the goal?”

Be honest with yourself.  You know yourself and your likely responses better than anyone.

What can you do to stop stopping?





  1. I didn’t really have any goals last year, I’m not usually a resolution kind of person. Probably mostly because I’m scared of breaking them. This year I’m being strong, and I am going to get fitter and healthier! There is NOTHING stopping me (I hope)! Happy New Year to you and yours x #TheMMLinky

  2. I think I’ve got too many things I’d like to be better. I’d like to sort out the home, be less fat, more healthy, less tired, more creative. Mostly thought I can’t really pin anything down to a particular thing so it becomes difficult to achieve. Maybe I’ll try again to think about it. Thanks Debs. #themmlinky

  3. I don’t really do resolutions but I have told my hubby that this year we are going to get things done. All last year I wanted to do so much, around the house and out and about, but we achieved very little, what was stopping us? Just procrastination! Well this year there will be no procrastination and no stopping me! (or him) Happy New Year! #TheMMLinky

  4. Unfortunately with a house full of teen/young adults, resolutions seem to be made to be broken! For me, as the person in the house with chronic illness, I want to set goals that are achievable and to be a bit less hard on myself…..and maybe learn that pacing and rest time is good and not wasting time! Happy New Year and thanks for a great link up #MMLinky

  5. What’s stopping me at the moment is my absolute apathy. I genuinely have to be in the mood to tackle something and, until next week when both kids are back at school and normality returns (whatever that is!), I can’t get into it. I will. Eventually! #TheMMLinky

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