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At Life AsPland, we understand the unique challenges and triumphs of navigating life as a parent carer. Whether you’re advocating for your child, dreaming of entrepreneurship, or seeking to enhance your organisation’s support for SEND families, we’re here to guide you. Discover tools, resources, and insights designed to empower your journey and transform challenges into opportunities. Explore what Life AsPland offers and find the support you’ve been searching for.

Organised Advocate

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Navigate your child’s SEND journey with confidence. Life AsPland equips parent carers with essential tools to transform advocacy from overwhelming to manageable. Our bespoke organisers and advocacy e-book are your allies in ensuring your child’s needs are met and your voice is heard. Ready to simplify your advocacy efforts?

Aspiring Entrepreneur

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Your journey as a parent carer has prepared you for entrepreneurship in ways you never imagined. Our SPACE membership is here to guide you from aspiration to action, offering support, resources, and a community of like-minded individuals. It’s time to bring your entrepreneurial dreams to life or find ideas to grow your business

Work with Me

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Deepen your understanding of SEND and strengthen your support for families with Life AsPland’s expert workshops, speaking engagements, and consultancy services. Led by a seasoned SEND parent and advocate, Debs offer insights and strategies to make a real difference. Let’s collaborate to create lasting change.

Free Resources

Other people have said...

"We don't refer to Debs as "the oracle" for nothing. She is my go to person if I need to know anything about SEND, business and finances. She explains things in a way I understand and is filled with ways to help you develop your ideas!. She has a way of making it slot into place, feel much easier and more of a molehill than a mountain."
Parent Carer
"Debs has been a massive help with getting me focused and deciding on what to create my business around.

The best part is her understanding around being a parent with special needs kids, so she could always tell if I was pushing myself too much and needed a reminder to take care of myself instead.

Thanks Debs!"
Parent Carer
"Debs is always my go to person when I need help, advice and support. When I have been in crisis mode, not knowing what the next step is, or thinking of giving up, she is always there to offer practical and helpful solutions and most importantly to calm me down. Every parent carer needs a Debs in their life!"
Parent Carer
"Debs has been invaluable in terms of listening to my ideas and helping me to find some clarity.

She's a fantastic source of knowledge and support and I highly recommend working with her!"
Parent Carer