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Tired of information being scattered around your home or stored in your head?

Discover a lifeline in the storm with Life AsPland’s selection of Companion organisers.

We thoughtfully crafted our products to provide an organised, centralised space for all the essential information about your child or loved one. From keeping crucial medical and/or educational details handy to monitoring behaviours and seizures, our tools act as a hub for all your loved one’s unique needs.

Not just functional, our range adds a splash of joy to the day-to-day, with beautiful designs that make staying organised a pleasure rather than a chore.

Don’t just take our word for it – browse our collection today and experience the calm amid the chaos that Life AsPland can bring into your life.

Introducing the Parent Advocate Companion, your indispensable A5 wire-bound organiser designed specifically for parent carers. Seamlessly manage contact details, care schedules, and more—all in one easy-to-use organiser. Simplify your life and focus on what matters most: caring for your loved ones.

The Parkinson’s Carer’s Companion is your all-inclusive organiser designed to make the caregiving journey a little easier. This indispensable organiser offers an array of features such as a ‘Jargon Buster’ for decoding medical terminology, and sections dedicated to medication tracking, — both current and past, calls made, trackers and much more so you’ll never miss a beat.

Navigate the complexities of dementia care with ease using the Dementia Carer’s Companion, your all-in-one guide featuring a jargon buster, contact management, medication and equipment tracking, self-care tips, and more

A place to keep all your appointment notes. Who you see, when you saw them, what was agreed, what was promised, what was actually done along with space to make a note of the questions you have for upcoming appointments.

This journal is a best seller.  It is available as an A5 printed and bound copy or you can download a pdf.

This is a tracker to track your child’s reactions to events around them.  Many people call this a behaviour tracker but we know that behaviour is a reaction.  Again, this is available as an A5 printed & bound planner or you can download a digital copy

A way to track your child’s seizures.  With space to record how long, when, if hospital was required, if meds were required and more.  This tracker is a best seller

As parent carers, we need to bounce back more than most.  This A5 planner gives tips and tricks on how to bounced back and also space for you to write down what works for you or what you could try.

Navigate the trials of menopause with ‘Sweat, Sleep, Repeat’—your go-to organiser for tracking symptoms, managing stress, and keeping life fun! Designed with love, humour, and a sprinkle of empowerment.

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Introducing SPACE, the Society of Parent and Carer Entrepreneurs!

Unlock a World of Support and Empowerment with LifeAsPland Membership.

LifeAsPland offers an exclusive membership to SPACE, where we empower parent carers to thrive in their entrepreneurial journey. Join us and gain the knowledge, resources, and support necessary to build and grow your business while navigating the unique challenges of caregiving.

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"Debs has been invaluable in terms of listening to my ideas and helping me to find some clarity.

She's a fantastic source of knowledge and support and I highly recommend working with her!"
Parent Carer
"Debs has been a massive help with getting me focused and deciding on what to create my business around.

The best part is her understanding around being a parent with special needs kids, so she could always tell if I was pushing myself too much and needed a reminder to take care of myself instead.

Thanks Debs!"
Parent Carer

Using ChatGPT as a parent carer

Discover your new parenting BFF – the ‘Parent Carer’s Guide to ChatGPT’!  

Navigate the rollercoaster of being a parent carer with your AI buddy. Homework help, emotional support, staying organised – it’s all here!

If you’re wondering how you can tap into the magic of AI and turn those parenting challenges into triumphs, this affordable download is for you