Those Unused Notebooks

My name is Debs and I am a stationery addict.   I love notebooks, planners, pens, pencils and all things stationery.

My name is Debs and I am a stationery addict.   I love notebooks, planners, pens, pencils and all things stationery.

I have so many notebooks sat around the house without a single word written in them.  I know I have a real problem because some are hidden away so hubby doesn’t know they exist!  

This week I decided to find all those notebooks, going through drawers, handbags, laptop bags, desk files and book shelves.  Let’s just say my stationery addiction diagnosis was confirmed.

Some of them are just beautiful and writing on that first page always seems like a daunting challenge.  What if I spell something wrong, what if my letter “k” looks like a “t” or what if I use a pen that runs out?

Notebooks – What can I use them for?

Those unused notebooks

Now I bullet journal but I have to admit to being a bit particular about the books I use for that – I like small lines.  Leuchtturm 17 is a favourite, in case you are interested.

As I sat wondering what I could use them for, I started to scroll through Social Media.  I found myself doing my usual practice of muttering “fake”, “bull”, “oh really?”, “if only people knew the real you” type comments.  Please tell me I am not alone in this practice.

Then it hit me!

I grabbed a book, then grabbed one of my Pilot pens and I started writing.  The title on the first page?

Things I think but don’t say

By the end of the first paragraph, I was giggling to myself and by the end of the first page, the tears were streaming down my face and I was seriously considering that I had missed my vocation in life, I should have been a comedian!

You definitely need to try it – the therapy is real!

I don’t want to write these posts on my blog – even though they would probably be very popular.  I don’t want to add them to a Facebook post.   They are for me.  Just therapy.  A way of off-loading without offending.

However, if you see a new blog launch anonymously with lots of bitching and sarcastic posts, you may have an idea who is behind it.

What do you use your notebooks for?  Give me some ideas on other uses (although I am fairly sure I can fill them all with my unspoken thoughts).




  1. Thank you for mentioning my post from last week x Notebooks, I have plenty, I’m also a stationary addict. I never really got into bullet journelling though. I have a book for recipes, a book for shopping lists, a book for finances (oh my goodness, that ones a right mess!) a book for blog ideas, a book for stuff I need to remember, I could go on! I love your idea, I used to keep a diary where I wrote down all the things I daren’t say, I did that for about 35 years and still have quite a few diaries stashed away at the back of my wardrobe!

    1. I like the idea of one book for different things – I have tried the Midori Travellers Notebook (you can add as many as notebooks as you like to one folder) and I am not sure why I stopped it, I may dig them out again.

  2. Thanks for featuring my post too! That sounds like a great form of therapy you discovered!! I have piles and pile of notebooks, I love them and have different ones for different uses – my favourites are a new one I got for Christmas from my sister for writing and blogging notes and another from a very dear friend that I sketch in, the pages are textured and a bit thicker and she hand sewed the beautiful cover.

    1. It is impossible to have too many notebooks, even after seeing all the unused ones I had, I still bought another one yesterday but it was gold and glittery!

  3. I think you are onto something here! My daughter is a great one for muttering as she scrolls through pinterest, reddit & instagram – I shall present her with one of her many notebooks laterand see what she comes up with! thanks for hosting MMLinky x

    1. Go for it, Ojo – think of all those times you want to comment but don’t, grab that notebook and get it all out!

  4. I too love notebooks and buy too many and do nothing with them. Your post made me smile as there is always another side to all of us that might just shock and surprise our biggest fans #MondayMotivation

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