Start where you are, use what you have

Do what you can

Start where you are

Do you put things off because you are thinking of the end result too much and it seems so far away?

Want to run a marathon?

Want to lose a few stone?

Want to start a podcast?

Want to change career?

You know what you have to do, don’t you?

Start! Procrastinating won’t change anything. As the saying goes

“if you always do what you always did, you will always have what you always had”

So Start! One small step today.

Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can - Arthur Ashe

Use what you have?

Want to run a marathon? Putting it off until you can buy the perfect running shoes?

Want to lose a few stone? Putting it off until you can buy a tape measure or a new set of scales?

Want to start a podcast? Putting it off until you have the “must have” microphone?

You know what you have to do, don’t you?

Use what you have!

Get out that old sweaty trainers, they will be good enough for those first few steps

Get out a piece of string, measure with that.

Use your phones built in microphone to begin.

Just use what you have available to you now.

Do what you can

Want to run a marathon but you’re seriously unfit?

Want to lose weight but you keep thinking of the final number you need to lose?

Want to start a podcast but worry that it won’t be as polished as some that you listen to?

You know what you have to do, don’t you?

Do what you can!

Take a short walk, download couch to 5k, think just about the next meal and the healthy choices you can make, think about important what you have to say is rather than how great it sounds at the beginning.

I know how it feels

I know how it feels to put things off until everything is perfect. For over a year, I have thought about starting a podcast. I have researched it, listened to lots but convinced myself I needed some amazing (and expensive) equipment to get going.

Guess what?

I took my own advice. I started with what I knew. I used my son’s headphones and microphone. I did what I could.

I now have 9 interviews and it’s almost ready to launch. I am working on the intro this week – not procrastinating, I realised that half term, ie not playing teacher to some unappreciative teenagers, was going to be a better time to give it the focus it needs.

By the end of this week I want to send the podcasts off for distribution so by June I can say “I have a podcast”

I totally get how easy it is to keep stopping ourselves.

The feeling I have now though, now I am virtually there, is one of excitement. I have practised what I preach and now realise that perhaps there are other things I can achieve.

What are you putting off?



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