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Become an Organised Advocate with Life AsPland

In the world of SEND parenting, you face the external challenge of navigating a complex system to ensure your child receives the support they deserve. Internally, you might feel overwhelmed, questioning if you’re doing enough or making the right decisions. Philosophically, you believe every child should have access to the support they need without the process being so daunting. Life AsPland is here to guide you through these challenges, transforming your advocacy efforts from overwhelming to empowered.

Why Life AsPland?

  • Tailored Tools: Our bespoke organisers are designed specifically for SEND parent carers, addressing the need for a central place to manage appointments, medication, and essential contacts. No more lost notes or forgotten details.

  • Empowering Resources: Dive into our advocacy e-book, a comprehensive guide that empowers you with knowledge and strategies for effective communication and planning. It’s your roadmap to becoming an effective advocate for your child.


  • Customisable Organisers: Choose from physical planners or digital downloads to tailor your organisational tools to your specific needs.
  • Advocacy E-Book: Master effective communication, craft your advocacy plan, and engage confidently with professionals.
  • Tracker Books: Specialised resources like seizure and behaviour tracker books help you monitor your child’s needs with precision.

Your Guide to Advocacy Success

Life AsPland doesn’t just offer tools; we offer a pathway to turning your challenges into strengths. As your guide, we empower you to become an organised advocate who navigates the SEND system with confidence, ensuring your child’s voice is heard and their needs are met.

Take the First Step

Ready to transform your advocacy efforts and bring clarity to your journey? Explore Life AsPland’s resources designed for the organised advocate in you. Simplify your life, empower your advocacy, and ensure your child receives the support they deserve.


  • Contacts: Keep all essential contacts in one easy-to-find section.
  • Waiting List: Track what you’re waiting for, from appointments to equipment.
  • Medication & Equipment Logs: Detailed logs for managing medications and equipment, ensuring nothing gets missed.
  • Gift Ideas, Days Out, and Food Ideas: Plan and record gift ideas, potential days out, and new food ideas to try, making the most of every moment.
  • What’s Working & Not Working: Reflect on strategies and interventions, helping you adapt and evolve your approach.

Trackers & Journals

  • Seizure & Behaviour Trackers: Specialised tracker books for detailed monitoring, providing invaluable insights for you and healthcare professionals.
  • Meetings Journal: Never miss an appointment with this dedicated notebook, making preparation and follow-up a breeze.

Ready to Simplify Your Life?

Choose Life AsPland tools that’re right for you and take the first step towards stress-free organisation. Opt for our fully assembled planner or select the digital downloads that meet your specific needs.