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Empowering Organisations and Parent Carers with Expert Insights

Elevate Understanding and Support for SEND Families

Whether you’re an organisation looking to deepen your team’s empathy and effectiveness or a parent carer seeking to navigate the SEND journey with confidence, I offer a suite of services designed to educate, inspire, and drive change. With a rich background as a SEND parent and professional advocate, my coaching, workshops, speaking engagements, and consultancy services are tailored to bring about understanding, empowerment, and actionable change.

Workshops for Organisations and Parent Carers

My workshops offer valuable insights into the lived experience of SEND families, providing the tools and knowledge needed to support them effectively. Available for direct engagement by parent carers and for purchase by organisations, these workshops serve as a bridge between the needs of SEND families and the capabilities of those who support them.

  • For Parent Carers: Explore workshops that empower you with advocacy skills, organisational strategies, and the knowledge to support your child’s education and wellbeing. Gain confidence in your ability to navigate the SEND system, advocate for your child, and build a supportive community around your family.

  • For Organisations: Enhance your team’s ability to work with SEND families through workshops that illuminate the challenges, joys, and realities of SEND parenting. Equip your staff with the understanding and tools they need to make a meaningful difference in the lives of the families you serve.

Speaking Engagements

As a compelling speaker, I share insights, stories, and strategies that resonate deeply with audiences, fostering a greater appreciation for the complexities of SEND parenting and the power of effective advocacy and support.

  • Inspiring Change: My talks are tailored to motivate educators, healthcare professionals, and support workers, encouraging a shift towards more inclusive, empathetic, and supportive practices.

Consultancy Services

Draw on my expertise to refine your organisation’s approach to supporting SEND families. I offer practical, experience-based consultancy services aimed at enhancing your services, policies, and practices.

  • Strategic Improvement: Together, we’ll identify opportunities for impactful improvements, ensuring your organisation effectively meets the needs of SEND families.

Ready to Transform Lives?

Whether you’re aiming to empower parent carers with the skills and knowledge they need or seeking to transform your organisation’s approach to SEND support, I’m here to facilitate that journey. Let’s collaborate to foster environments where SEND families feel truly supported and empowered.

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