What made you smile today?

I’m on cloud 9 this evening.

In January I agreed to become a collaborator on a very successful blog. Today, the creator of the blog has given me my first Linkedin recommendation.


It reads as follows:

I asked Debs to join me at Special Needs Jungle at the beginning of 2013. I believed she would bring a different perspective and help with increasing the site’s output.

In fact, she has brought so much more than this and has quickly become indispensable. There has been a direct correlation between Debs coming on board and an increase in readership.

She brings a great writing style, huge amounts of energy, ideas, enthusiasm, and for me personally, is a great sounding board for the future direction of Special Needs Jungle.

In six months she has become more than a contributor and I regard her as my partner in the site that we aim to expand significantly.

Bringing Debs on board is possibly the best business decision I have made and I am looking forward to a long and fruitful partnership in the future.”

I cannot express how much this means to me. I was really honoured and, to be honest, daunted at taking on the role in January. Tania had set up Special Needs Jungle and built it into a very reputable blog – I was so worried that perhaps what she had seen in me wasn’t really there and I was worried about the welcome from her regular followers – they’d signed up to follow Tania, not me. However, all the followers have been really welcoming and made this something which feels like fun and not work.

Getting this recommendation means a lot because I hugely admire Tania and what she has managed to achieve. It would appear she thinks I’m doing ok too!

What has made you smile today?





  1. That is such a wonderful comment and you deserve it all. May you take the site to bigger and better things in the future. You have both worked so hard well done .

  2. Love both your writing styles, and you are both doing so much good for other people. Glad to hear someone made your day! 🙂

  3. Well done of all the blogs I read I always look forward to reading this one well done tania and debs xx

    1. Thank you, I wish you every success. Mic you look at my pinterest boards, I have one “social networking” which has loads of links to tips for new bloggers. You can see the link on the sidebar xx

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