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Review – Teen Calm Box

The aim of Teen Calm is to help young adults develop a routine that builds self-regulation skills so they can cope with those annoying doubts and insecurities

Disclaimer – We were gifted a Teen Calm Box to review honestly.

Teen Calm was devised by a mother and daughter team – Cathy and Freya – and it’s run entirely from their cosy home in the Midlands.

The aim of Teen Calm is to help young adults develop a routine that builds self-regulation skills so they can cope with those annoying doubts and insecurities that sometimes have us all feeling down about ourselves.

What my 14 year old daughter thought of The Teen Calm Box

When I was first got the box, I was thrilled. The box was small but beautiful decorated with ‘calm box’ on it. I opened the box and there was gorgeous purple tissue paper covering the gifts.

The first thing that caught my attention was a ‘compliments to give” card (not related to appearance). What a great idea. As teenagers, we often find ourselves being judged on number of likes, whether we have the latest outfit or accessory, etc so this was a great idea to give compliments to people on something about them as a person. I shall be using this to help others feel good about themselves.

I also loved the affirmations about hope. My mum explained affirmations to me and I have now taped this next to my mirror so I see it every morning.

The box contained so many lovely items, I felt quite spoiled and very lucky. There was a book on how to be calm (I think my mum may want this after I have finished it), some sweets, a bracelet, some stress toys, face masks and so much more. My favourite was a pair of some “cuuuuuuuute” slippers (I love slippers – even more than chocolate and I really really love chocolate).

As a teenager during lockdown, I thought this was a really lovely thing to receive. There were items to cover all aspects of feeling better about yourself and the world around you.

I am adding this to my list of ideas for birthday and Christmas gifts. I really hope someone buys it for me.

What I thought of the Teen Calm Box

I loved it. As a mum with teenage children, anxiety is a regular visitor to the house so I was very happy to be asked to review the Teen Calm Box. The contents were well thought out, a little something for everything. Obviously stationery, sweets and pamper items were well received here but the book, the affirmations and the compliments were top of my list. I love the idea of teaching our children to give compliments to someone on what they do, rather than what they have or how they look.

Affirmations is how I start each day and I was actually quite shocked to realise this wasn’t something I had discussed with my children, so the affirmations card really helped to start a conversation about these, why I do them; it also helped to discuss how we speak about ourselves and the impact that has on us. I would like to give the developers of Teen Calm a huge thank you for prompting these chats.

Is it value for money?

There are a range of prices, depending on whether you buy just one box or subscribe for 3 to 12 months.

You can buy just one box – what a wonderful gift for the teenager in your life – or you can subscribe for 12 months.

I would certainly say it is value for money. When we looked through all the contents and tried to calculate how much it would cost to buy each item, we were pleasantly surprised at how much is actually in the Teen Calm Box. The joy on my daughter’s face as she went through the various contents was priceless, especially the items that made her stop and think about how she could perhaps do things a bit differently.

If you are looking for that one off gift of something a bit different or you are in a position to buy an annual subscription for someone you love, then I would definitely say go for it.

You can find out more about Teen Calm Box over on their site.



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