The Parent Advocate Companion


Discover the Parent Advocate Companion, your go-to A5 organiser for managing all aspects of caregiving. Perfect for parent carers, it keeps track of contacts, appointments, and self-care, making life simpler and more organised.

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Are you a busy parent carer juggling multiple responsibilities and appointments? Look no further than the Parent Advocate Companion, the ultimate A5 organiser tailored to meet the unique needs of parent carers like you. With features like contact management, appointment tracking, and self-care tips, you’ll find it easier to stay organised, efficient, and focused on providing the best care for your family.

Key Features

  • Contact Management: Never lose track of important phone numbers, emails, or last-seen dates. Keep everyone from doctors to therapists in one easy-to-access place.
  • Appointment Tracking: Use the ‘When Did I Last See’ section to record essential medical visits and other critical appointments, so you’re always on top of your family’s care.
  • Communication Logs: Record emails and calls related to your caregiving responsibilities. Maintain a streamlined communication record to facilitate effective caregiving.
  • Caring for the Parent Carer: It’s not all about the ones you care for. We include a section dedicated to your self-care, ensuring that the caregiver doesn’t get lost.
  • Gift Ideas, Days Out, and Food Ideas: Planning fun and engaging activities is simplified with designated sections for gift ideas, days out, and meal planning.
  • Reference Numbers: Keep all important reference numbers in a single location, so you never waste time hunting for vital information.
  • Task Lists and Notes: Manage your to-do lists and jot down essential notes so that you can keep track of everything from daily chores to long-term tasks.
  • And much more

Why Choose Parent Advocate Companion?

  • High-Quality, Wire-Bound Design: Durable and portable, perfect for on-the-go parents.
  • Comprehensive Yet Compact: Fits into an A5 size but packs a plethora of features to simplify your caregiving journey.
  • Streamlined Layout: Organised, intuitive sections make it easy to find what you’re looking for when needed.


The Parent Advocate Companion is more than just an organiser; it’s a lifeline for parent carers striving to balance the demands of caregiving and everyday life. Order yours today to bring ease, organisation, and peace of mind to your caregiving experience.