Lists – where would we be without them

I love lists. I have lists for everything

I love lists.

I have lists of lists (aka the index of my journal).

Lists we don’t use

I have lists for everything, many done at the start of a new year with all my good intentions in full force.

You know the lists I mean, the ones like..

  • Healthy breakfasts
  • Monthly household tasks (eg change water filter, descale kettle)
  • House repairs to do
  • Garden plans
  • Weight loss ideas
  • Workout plans
  • Restaurants to visit

The ones you never actually re-visit because the diet is a non-starter, the workout looks like hard work, the garden needs a major overhaul before you can start on the plan and it’s too cold to go out for dinner.

However, the layout in your journal is amazing so well done for spending that valuable time making it look so pretty!

Lists we do use

Then there are the lists you revisit regularly:

What gets paid when?

Goals for the year

Ideas for new projects

Gift ideas

Christmas gifts bought

Birthday List

Meals the kids actually eat

And of course, the brain dumps and to do lists.

Writing Lists

Kaweco Sport List writingAll lists have to be handwritten.  I have tried so many apps – and being a girl who loves tech and gadgets, you would think I would love an app but no.  Notebook and fountain pen.

Years ago, Mr Chaos treated me to a very beautiful, very expensive fountain pen but I never used it as I was scared of losing it.  Three years ago, I decided to take responsibility and started using it.  A whole love of fountain pens started then.  I have a huge selection of them – from one use Pentel cheap pens to very expensive pens.  My favourite though is a Kaweco Sport fountain pen.  It is a thing of beauty and also ticks a gadget box or two.

What about you?  Which lists do you use or not use?




  1. My fave list = my version of church → Nature Chill Spots / Forest Therapy. I’m fortunate, living in an area (Triangle area of NC/ USA) with gloriously humongous lakes and parks. I actually configured the list of parks with monthly checkboxes. My version of self-care. Honey, let me loose with my camera and it’s Mellow Fellow time!

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