Crafter’s Companion


The Crafters Companion: Your ultimate crafting notebook! Packed with essential guides for knitting, crochet, and quilting.  This companion offers a dedicated space for project planning, tracking, and inspiration. Perfect for crafters of all levels to keep their creativity organised and flourishing.

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The Crafters Companion: The Ultimate Crafting Notebook

Empower Your Crafting Journey: Dive into the world of crafting with The Crafters Companion, an indispensable notebook designed for knitting, crochet, and quilting enthusiasts. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned crafter, this companion is your perfect partner.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive Symbol Guides: Understand every knitting, crochet, and quilting symbol with ease. Our detailed guide ensures you’re never lost in translation, whether following a UK or USA pattern.
  • Crafting Kit Essentials: A curated list of must-have items for your craft kit, plus a wish list section for future acquisitions.
  • Project Management Made Simple: Dedicated sections for current and future projects, including details like recipient, size, materials, deadlines, and pattern sources.
  • Personalised Crafting Experience: Ample space for notes, modifications, and creative brainstorming, making each project uniquely yours.
  • Durable and Stylish: Crafted for longevity with a design that inspires creativity.

Why Choose The Crafters Companion?

  • Stay Organised: Keep all your crafting details in one place.
  • Save Time: Spend less time deciphering patterns and more time creating.
  • Enhance Skills: Learn and reference essential crafting symbols and techniques.
  • Gift of Crafting: A perfect gift for the crafters in your life.

Embark on a more organised, inspired, and enjoyable crafting journey with The Crafters Companion