Parent Carer Entrepreneur Collective

Parent Carer Entrepreneur Collective Supporting and Empowering Parent Carers & their Business

Are you a parent carer who dreams of launching your own business?

Or do you have a business you are trying to grow?

Do you work from home and feel isolated but finding it hard to find other parent carers who are trying to do the same thing?

Do you want to turn your passion into profit, whilst juggling with the challenges of parent carer life?

The Parent Carer Entrepreneur Collective can help you achieve your entrepreneurial goals, with a supportive community of fellow parent carer entrepreneurs, resources, and training.

The Vision

To create a membership where parent carer entrepreneurs are empowered to pursue their passions and achieve financial success. 

I believe that entrepreneurship should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their family responsibilities, and want to help address the barriers that prevent parent carers from realising their dreams of financial success.

I envision a world where parent carers can achieve work-life balance, financial security, and personal fulfillment through entrepreneurship

Testimonial from Marylin about how helpful Debs has been.

What does the membership offer?

Online courses

Live Q&As,


Facebook Group,

Daily Accountability 

Exclusive Discount on Life AsPland products and coaching

and much more……

Who is the membership for?

Parent carers who want to launch and grow their own businesses, while maintaining their role as caregivers. 

Parent Carers who have already launched their business but need support and resources to help it grow.

Parent Carers who have an idea for how they could make some money, but not sure where to even begin.

Parent Carers who have 1001 ideas and need some help in prioritising and fine tuning those into something they can realistically offer.

What does the membership offer?

It provides a supportive and inclusive community for parent carers who want to pursue entrepreneurship or those who have started the adventure but now need support to help their business to grow. 

Members have access to resources, tools, and training that can help them turn their business ideas into reality, and grow their businesses successfully. 

They can also connect with other like-minded fellow parent carer entrepreneurs, get feedback and support, and share their experiences and insights.


Testimonial from Emma about helpful Debs is

What it isn't

Over the years, I have searched the internet and found some amazing tutors however, I found myself switching off when it became clear they had no idea what my reality was.

One man said “get up at 5am every day” and I thought “yep, got that one covered” but then he said “we’ll do 20 mins meditation, 20 mins journalling and 20 mins exercise” and I laughed – a lot.  Yes, I had could do the 5am start and I could probably do 20 minutes running around after the children as the exercise part.  However, I was fairly certain my beloved crew wouldn’t be up for the peace and tranquility that meditation and journalling required.

This man had a FB group so I asked in there if anyone had any suggestions.  Boy was that a mistake.  I was inundated with “if you want this, you will find a way to do it” or “couldn’t you just put them in front of the TV for an hour“.  I realised these were not my people.

Testimonial from Charlie

Why join us?

As a parent carer to three children with a variety of labels, I know how challenging it is trying to balance that important role while also trying to learn what I need to know to launch a business, or write a book, or give a presentation, or to even find the time to decide what work I could offer in return for payment.  

Trying to find my people was challenging.  Instead, I spent every spare ten minutes I had learning a new topic, bouncing from guru to guru and taking all the courses I possibly could.

Over the years, I have set up charities and CICs, wrote books, delivered workshops (virtually and in person),  given keynote speeches, paid my taxes on time, registered to pay tax, set up websites, created online courses, created planners and sold them – online and at fetes,  organised large conferences, huge music festivals, and so much more.  

Many of my parent carer friends come to me for advice and information when they are trying to find the solution because they know the chances are I will know how to, and if I don’t, I will know someone who does.

In a nutshell, this membership will include your people.  Those who understand the challenges we face as parent carers.  Those who are trying to do the same thing as you and earn some money.  Those who have already started their business and have advice on how you can do the same thing.  Those who want to see other parent carers doing well. 

Together we can achieve so much more than when we try to do it on our own.


What do others say?

As a parent carer finding flexible employment isn’t always possible. That’s why so many parent carers set up their own businesses.

I know so many parent carers who want to take that plunge but don’t know how to even start.

That’s where the parent carers entrepreneur collective comes in.
I don’t refer to Debs as ‘the oracle’ for nothing. Debs is my go to person if I need to know anything about SEND, business and finances. She manages to stop me getting in a flap (which isn’t easy) and explains things to me in a way that I can understand. She has so many amazing ideas that have really helped me develop as a person. She believes in you when you don’t even believe in yourself.

With Debs support and advice everything just slots in to place, feels so much easier and feels more molehill than mountain.

What have you got to lose?
Nothing, but so, so much to gain so go for it. 

Is it going to cost a fortune?

No.  I have seen too many memberships at prices even successful entrepreneurs would struggle to pay.  This will be a low cost venture. 

I am going to be offering membership at one price for pre-launch sign ups.  £10 per month (or £100 for a year).

Then the price will increase when I officially launch in June 2023 (£20 per month or £200 per year).

As a parent carer, I want this to be affordable and open to as many as possible.

If you are interested, get on the list, there’s no commitment to sign up but if you’re not on the list, you will miss the pre-launch sale coming in May 2023.



Can I sponsor a parent carer place?

Absolutely.  I am already talking to some organisations and individuals who wish to sponsor some places for a year.

Think how good you will feel when that parent carer goes on to have financial independence and can pay for the things they currently only dream about.

Get in touch and let’s chat.   

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