Society of Parent And Carer Entrepreneurs

Empowerment through Entrepreneurship

As a parent carer of a SEND child, you embody resilience and adaptability, qualities that are the hallmark of successful entrepreneurs. Yet, embarking on or sustaining a business venture amidst the demands of caregiving can feel like an insurmountable challenge. At SPACE, we understand the external obstacles, the internal doubts, and the philosophical belief that entrepreneurship should be accessible to all, especially those who juggle the complex responsibilities of caring for a SEND child. We’re here to guide you, transforming these challenges into stepping stones for success.

SPACE - Looking at several aspects of creating, running and building a business as a parent carer

Facing the dual challenge

Parent carers often confront the external challenge of finding time and resources for entrepreneurship while managing caregiving duties. Internally, you may grapple with the fear of not being able to do justice to both your business and your child’s needs. Philosophically, there’s a fight against the notion that parent carers must choose between entrepreneurship and effective caregiving. These challenges can make the dream of owning a business seem just that—a dream.

Your Launchpad to Success

SPACE emerges as your guide, understanding the unique journey of parent carers aspiring to be entrepreneurs. We offer a constellation of resources, support, and a community that speaks your language. Our affordable, accessible entrepreneurship guides, workshops, and networking opportunities are designed with you in mind, ensuring you have the tools to grow your business without compromising your caregiving responsibilities.

Your Roadmap to Entrepreneurship

  • Access Tailored Resources: Leverage our comprehensive guides and resources tailored for parent carers entering the business world. These are available to buy as individual e-books but as a member, you get access to every one of them for the monthly membership fee.  
  • Engage in Community Support: Join our supportive network of parent carers who are also navigating the entrepreneurship journey.
  • You also get access to a habit tracker, an excel income spreadsheet, the Mojo Wave course (to help you work out what motivates, what stops you and how to get back up) and other resources as and when we create them, at the request of members.

Business Success and Family Harmony

Envision a future where your business not only thrives but also complements your caregiving responsibilities. Where every challenge turned into an opportunity for growth, and your entrepreneurial spirit inspires your family and community. This is the success SPACE aims for—a balanced life where your business dreams and caregiving responsibilities coexist in harmony.

Who is the membership for?

  • Parent carers who want to launch and grow their own businesses, while maintaining their role as caregivers. 
  • Parent Carers who have already launched their business but need support and resources to help it grow.
  • Parent Carers who have an idea for how they could make some money, but not sure where to even begin.
  • Parent Carers who have 1001 ideas and need some help in prioritising and fine tuning those into something they can realistically offer.

What do others say?

Let's cut to the important bit, is it going to cost a fortune?

No. I have seen too many memberships at prices that even successful entrepreneurs would struggle to pay. This will be a low-cost venture. 

I am going to be offering membership at one price.  £10 per month (or £100 for a year). This price will increase in the Summer of 2024 for new sign ups.

As a parent carer, I want this to be affordable and open to as many as possible.


Monthly Membership for SPACE
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