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Below are a list of the workshops currently available on our site. These will be updated and modified as we progress.

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Each course is available either as online lesson or you can download a PDF worksheet instead from each lesson and work through this with a pen, in your PJs on the sofa. You do what works best for you.

New to the world of entrepreneurship

Transferable Skills – how to identify the skills you have already and how they can be used in the workplace. This lesson takes you through easy steps, with ideas and suggestions, to help you do this.

Identifying your market and niche – knowing what your niche is and who you want to sell to (be it a service or a product) is invaluable. This lesson takes you through easy steps, with examples and case studies to help you do this.

For all entrepreneurs, aspiring or otherwise

Balancing Family Life and Work – a guide with a variety of ideas on how, as a parent carer, you can manage your time in a way that helps you to balance your care commitments and work.

Mastering the Stage – A guide to Conference Speaking and PowerPoint Mastery. Many parent carers are asked to speak at events, but often they decline because of fear of not knowing what to do. This comprehensive guide offers a breakdown of finding your voice, crafting your message, designing your PowerPoint, engaging your audience, delivering with confidence, leveraging technology, networking effectively along with a presentation preparation checklist, PowerPoint tips, and tricks and how to create and use feedback forms.

Your Brand, Your Story – a guide to defining your brand name, logo, voice, and visual branding. 

Crafting a business that reflects you. – A guide to making sure your business reflects your values and is offering what you love.  Helping you to clarify your purpose, prioritise your tasks, re-look at your mission and vision, and simplify. Many parent carers have lots of ideas and we go off on tangents, ending up with a huge array of things that somehow don’t relate to each other.  This book/course helps you clarify everything so you get back to having a business you love.  If you are new to the world of entrepreneurship, this is a good course to run through with the ideas you are having and working out if they align with your values.


Coming Soon

  • Mindset shifts – from parent carer to entrepreneur
  • Setting up your home office (creating a productive work environment at home)
  • Networking and building relationships (including attending events, online communities and social media platforms)
  • Health and Wellness for Entrepreneurs
  • Introduction to Project Management 
  • Business Basics (setting up as a Sole Trade, Understanding Legalities)
  • Financial Fundamentals (basic book keeping, accounting and tax obligations)
  • Digital Presence (creating a simple business website and introduction to online sales
  • Content is King (Content creating strategies and pillars for your business)
  • Social Media Savvy (marketing on Facebook, Instagram, Exploring Linkedin)
  • Email Marketing Mastery (growing an email list and effective campaigns)
  • Sales and Conversions (developing sales funnels for your products and services)
  • Authority Building (writing and publishing a book, leveraging emerging platforms)
  • Productivity and Growth (Effective Time Management, Introduction to Business Scaling Strategies)
  • Business Plan Mastery (Refining your plan for growth)
  • Advanced Market Analysis (Identifying New Opportunities)
  • Financial Strategy Overhaul (advanced budgeting, forecasting and funding)
  • Operations Efficiency (streamlining processes and leveraging technology)
  • Team Building and Leadership (scaling your team for growth)
  • Customer Experience and Retention Strategies (Enhancing Loyalty and Value)
  • Sales Strategy Refinement (Advanced techniques and channels)
  • PR and Media Relations (Elevating your Brand Presence)