Sometimes, life gets in the way and we lose all motivation.

  • We may have ideas but no energy.
  • We may have energy but no ideas.
  • We may not even know what day it is.

In order to give our Mojo a chance to spring back, we need to look at four key aspects of our daily lives.

As mum of three teenagers, each with a variety of special educational need or disability, working from home and trying to balance the chaos that brings, I know that if I don’t look at these four key aspects, my mojo just disappears.

I have put together a free download to help you.

It offers realistic ideas for every one of the four aspects, together with a blank template for you to create a Mojo spring Back plan that works for you. I’ve also included a monthly checklist so you can track how well you are doing each day in each aspect (and don’t worry, it’s only a tick box, not an essay each day).