Christmas – it’s the gift that keeps on giving for us, isn’t it?

Change to routine? Check

Change to visitors or visiting? Check

Change to diet and food options? Check

Change to mum/dad’s stress levels? Check

Change, change and more change. Something none of us are all that keen on but the world offers us many changes for that one day each year.

As a mum to three children with SEND, I get it! I know having friends over can be challenging. I know that no school routine can be challenging. I know that the different foods on offer can be challenging.

This FREE guide is for you, created from experience. It includes

  • The challenges we face (so you know you are not alone)
  • Tips to handle the challenges
  • Christmas Day “at-home” checklist
  • Christmas Day “away” checklist
  • Guest preparation checklist
  • Four week countdown to help get everyone ready for the changes
  • Christmas Day and Evening to do list sheets
  • Over 200 tips and ideas to help this Christmas go a little bit more smoothly
  • And a sheet to write up ideas to help you and your loved ones get upright when it all goes to sh*t!

I hope you find this useful, the feedback from my guinea pigs (aka other parent carers) used words like “brilliant”, “Awesome” and a few “thank f**k, someone who gets it”

Good luck – remember we are all online over Christmas so shout out if you need someone to chat to.